Simon Tiger

Simon is a young programmer and mathematician living in Antwerp, Belgium.


He loves Calculus, Computer Science, Quantum Field Theory and Number Theory, crazy Physics experiments and Machine Learning. Fluent in Java Script, Java and Python, Simon gives occasional live coding lessons (live streams) and publishes fun math and science videos weekly on his YouTube channel.

You can find many more of Simon’s projects in our blog and on his GitHub page.


I’m used to this recursive stuff. Mathematicians sometimes actually love infinity.

-Simon, 8 years old


Simon is a self directed learner - pretty much everything he knows he has taught himself. Born in Amsterdam in 2009, he became increasingly miserable trapped inside the Dutch mandatory school system. In order to set his beautiful mind free we had to move from The Netherlands to Belgium, where homeschooling is a respected legal right. One of Simon’s greatest dreams is to find a way to unite quantum theory and the theory of general relativity into one. He also dreams (and has recently teared up about this) that all children could enjoy as much freedom to learn as he does.

Simon started to code around his 7th birthday, mainly thanks to The Coding Train by Daniel Shiffman.


March 19, 2018: One of the most beautiful days in Simon's life. NYU Associate Professor and the creator of Coding Train Daniel Shiffman has been Simon's guarding angel, role model and source of all the knowledge Simon has accumulated so far (in programming, math, community ethics and English), and today Simon got to meet him for the first time in real life!


8 year old Simon featured in a video by Siraj Raval, an awesome creator of massively popular educational videos about AI, who materialised in our Antwerp home on New Year’s Eve.


To contact simon, leave a comment on his youtube channel or tweet him at @simontigerh